Extortion Shortly after separation


Shortly after our separation. My wife cleaned out all bank accounts and left me with no access to marital funds. I had just started working after being out of work for about 6 months. The car that I was using was actually leased in her name during the marriage. Then, my wife began calling me to demand that I make certain large payments to her for “expenses”. When I refused, she said if I didnt pay her the money by the end of the day, she would take back the car and leave me with no way to get to and from work. With no savings or access to money other that my monthly paycheck, she knew that I could not afford to lose the job that I had or I would be out on the street in no-time. All tolled, I paid her about $1000 during the four months that she did this. Can I recover this money now as our ED trial approaches?? Does this border on criminal conduct? Will a judge consider this fact in the ED trial?