Extraordinary expenses


My ex -wife is asking me to pay for tutoring services and evaluations for our daughter who was enrolled in seven honors classes her first semester in public high school by my ex-wife. My daughter went from a very small private school (K-8) to a LARGE Public High School. She is also on a school sports team and learning to drive and learning a whole new group of people (students and teachers). My ex-wife never consulted me about which classes to sign my daughter up for, she never showed me a report card or progress report. She did not consult me about having my daughter sent to a tutor yet now she expects me to pay for something that is a result of her poor judgement. She says tutoring is concidered an extraordinary expense and that I am obligated to pay half. Is that right? Why should I have to pay for something that she never discussed wth me and decided all on her own?


I am not an attorney but my understanding is that if your wife has full legal custody of your child she does not have to consult you on those things listed in your email.

Also, extraordinary expenses seems to be an area of the child support calculation that can have a broad interpretation and it would be up to a judge to decide based on each individual case. So a judge may very well say that you should pay for those items.


Thank you for your response.


Your wife certainly should have consulted with you on this matter. The tutoring is not an extraordinary expense until a court deems it so. Your wife would need to file for a modification of child support in order to force you to pay these expenses.


So it doesn’t matter if my ex-wife has full custody or not?


Not for purpose of determining whether the tutoring is an extraordinary expense.




You are very welcome!