Fair Restitution?

In the state of NC is there really any restitution for the spouse who was cheated on??? I mean yes…I understand we are entitled to half of everything (debt included) but what about all the years I cooked and cleaned and took care of his children while he caroused while traveling with his job and supporting him while he got a Master’s degree, to later get fired from his job and causing an investment property to be foreclosed on…Now he does not want to pay me alimony?? What is the moral obligations of a committment in marriage??? How do I fight this??

There is no punishment per se for a cheating spouse, though adultery does, when proven, allow the court to mandate the cheating supporting spouse to pay alimony.
You may also sue the offending paramour in a claim for alienation of affection or criminal conversation. There are many posts in this forum on that topic, you can use the search feature to find them and read more.