Father taking 2 year old fishing on boat

i just learned via facebook that the father took 2 year old out on boat fishing. no indication of anyone else being with them. caption reads childs name and i on boat fishing. picture only shows fathers hands holding a fish. would this be considered child endangerment? this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. father never informed mother that he was taking child out on a boat.

** not an attorney…

why would taking a child on a boat be child endangerment? do you take your child in the car? do you walk down the sidewalk with your child? There is the potential for an accident every hour of every day. As long as the child had a life jacket on and was supervised by his father, I don’t understand what the problem is.

This sounds a little over controlling…you won’t be able to control everything your ex does with your child. Would you like him second guessing your judgment when you take your child in a car?

i was just asking a question geez!! lighten up!! no one is controlling anyone. no one has said a word to anyone. so just chill!! im allowed to ask questions to gain knowledge!!

No I do not think this constitutes child endangerment so long as all safety precautions are headed. I do think it would have been nice for the father to let you know some of the details, not for permission, but in case disaster happened (boat sink) you would know what to tell authorities. That being said, unless there is a provision in your agreement that requires him to do so, it is more of a “nice to do” vs. “must do”.

thanks endoftheline. have no idea what, if any, safety precautions were taken. yes, given they have 50/50 shared custody…both have legal and physical custody, and told the courts that they could co-parent together…yes, it would be nice to have communication beforehand…but there is very little communication. have no idea where they went boating/fishing at. have an idea, but cant be certain because of lack of communication. have no idea if he was with someone that could help keep an eye on the child, or if it was just him and child alone. caption of photo suggests that they were alone. the fear is…the 2 year old child is NOT afraid of water at all!! thats extremely scary knowing that!! the father has a learning disability that runs in his family, and doesnt always think before he does things. this is not the first time that they have had her surrounded by a body of water…they went fishing one time on an “island” type place somewhere around our area…i have a photo of it…but just have no idea where the place is…all i know is you walk a “board walk” with NO side rails to it, to get to the mound of dirt in the middle of the water…yes there were a few ppl with them fishing…but, completely surrounded by water on all sides, the child had no life jacket on or anything. to me, thats just asking for accidents to happen. so yes, its very scary.

I think you are getting yourself a bit worked up. I know as a parent that not knowing what’s going on with your child can be scary but you can’t make assumptions up. You have to go with what you know, not what you don’t know. A picture doesn’t sum up an entire evening at the lake and what you’re thinking up in your mind may be worse than reality.

In the absence of additional facts, a fishing boat trip would likely not constitute endangerment.