Father trying to get visitation 11 years later

I will try not to make this too long and please dont judge me…I have an 11 year old son. His father has seen him ONCE since he was born. I have always provided him with our current address and phone number however, he never calls him, never comes to see him and I only get CS when he decides to keep a job and its forcefully taken out of his checks…which isnt often. He is now contacting me and wanting to get a lawyer for visitation rights. Some of the issues I have are…my son does not know this man! He has been raised by my husband since he was 2 years old. His father lives in a very dangerous city in Michigan, constantly drinks, has sold drugs, wont keep a job, etc. What are his chances of getting visitation to where I have to send my child up to Michigan and put him in danger?

Another issue I have is this…Im not 100% sure that he is his father. When he went to court for child support they told him he had an option to request a paternity test, and although I told him there was a chance he wasnt his father, he opted NOT to have one done and just agreed to acknowledge him. Can I now after 11 years ask for a paternity test so that if he is NOT the father I wont have to worry about having to send my son to see him?

You shouldn’t worry about this. I doubt any of it will transpire.