Fiance's ex cancelled kids insurance

What do I need to do. My fiance’s ex husband traded jobs the other week and now we found out he didn’t keep insurance on the kids. Do I need to get a lawyer to make him use cobra or what to get this resolved asap for them.

Is there and Order or Agreement which requires he maintain coverage for the children?

yes there is he traded job I was wrong on date just found out in Mid Nov. He hasn’t had ins on them at all since then.

If he is required to maintain coverage pursuant to an Order, you may file a Motion to hold him in contempt of that Order, the court can then hold him in contempt (fine or jail time) until he complies with his obligation to maintain coverage.

Do I have to use a lawyer to do this or can she do it herself. Just a pain to keep paying for his mistakes out of our pocket.

I would recommend hiring a lawyer and seeking a reimbursement for attorney’s fees related to this issue, however she can proceed on her own.