Figured out husband is cheating on me


How do I get a cheating husband out of the house? I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or stroke with all the stress. HELP.


There is nothing you an do to evict a spouse from the marital residence. If there is an issue of domestic violence, a domestic violence order of protection can award you possession of the house, but otherwise there isn’t a way for you to force a spouse out.

You could consider seeking a divorce from bed and board as a means to have him removed from the house.


I really understand what you are going through. I have been via such a situation when my husband kept on cheating and whenI came to know his intentions he falsely placed marijuana in my bag and charged drug offence case against me. Then I hired the lawyers - Kostman and Pyzer who successfully withdrawn all the charges on me on the basis of a single witness who was my maid. I know it’s kinda difficult situation to face, but you have to be much brave. Juz keep let me know the updates Regards.


I went to see a attorney today. He said I cant force him out unless its domestic abuse and not from the past but which would happen now and I had him arrested. I was told I can get a Non abandonment order signed by my spouse and me if he agreed and then sue him for equitable distrubution, pss, and then alimony.
The attorney said to try that or for me to move out. I think he said if I move out he cant charge me with abandoment because he is the bread winner. Does that sound right? UGH. I am in a predicament that is not good for sure. I am on disablilty and dont get much monthly. I’ve got to do something as I can not live with him anymore.


To learn more about abandonment, see our article: abandonment. It doesn’t matter who is the bread winner re: abandonment. Abandonment is the malicious turning out of a spouse without just cause, it only affects alimony. Having your spouse sign the waiver will prevent him from claiming you abandoned him when you left, it is just a precaution.


Thank you. I’m going to check out the link.