What i can do to make my husband leave our home


We’ve been married 9 years with one child. I believe our marriage is over, there is no more respect between us, he never listens to me, when I need, I have to call several times, leave voice messages, txt to get him, anyway, I’ve tried everything because of our child. He doesn’t want to leave saying he has nowhere to go and no money, even though he always threat to go back to his home country. We both have jobs, and I earn just a bit more than him, we lease a house that is under my name, is there any legal way to ask him to leave, there is no physical violence, but a lot yelling and offensive words exchange. I don’t want be with him anymore, what can I do? I don’t want that he paid me any alimony but I will need help with my child expenses


You may want to consider attending one of our free Divorce Webinars. They are about 45 minutes long and discuss all divorce related matters: child support, custody, equitable distribution, alimony, and absolute divorce. As far as forcing him out of the house, there is really nothing you can do to ‘evict’ him so to speak. A domestic violence protective order can result in his eviction, part of the relief you can be granted is sole use and possession of the house. Another action you could consider is divorce from bed and board, this is essentially a fault based court-ordered separation. To obtain a divorce from bed and board you would have to show one of the following six grounds exist:

  1. Abandonment of the family
  2. Maliciously turning the complaining spouse out of doors
  3. Treating the complaining spouse in such a cruel or barbarous way that it endangers his or her life
  4. Indignities that render the complaining spouse’s condition intolerable or life overly burdensome
  5. Excessive drug or alcohol use that makes the complaining spouse’s condition intolerable or life overly burdensome
  6. Adultery