Filing the end of March 09


I have a separation agreement in place and am preparing my forms to file. We separated March 29th of 2008 but since then she has moved. I know what county she works in but I do not know the county she lives in. On the complaint form is asks for her county of residence, I know what county she did live in but not where she now lives. Should I use where I know she did live? Also, can I send it certified to her work address? If so, can I send them before the 1year 1 day mark or do I need to wait til March 30th to mail them?


You will need to find out what county she lives in to complete the form correctly, though you may have her served at her place of work. You cannot file the paperwork until March 30(366 days from the date of separation), the paperwork cannot be mailed until it is filed, and the clerk issues a civil summons to mail along with the complaint.