In what order do I file?

We have been separated over two years, with spouse in Ohio, me in NC. Our financial agreement has been filed and recorded at the court house, and I am handling the divorce proceedings myself. This is all amicable and no minor children are involved. As he lives in Ohio, I plan to mail the Complaint for Absolute Divorce and the Civil Summons to him via certified mail and not go thru the local Sheriff’s office for delivery. 1) Is there anything else that should be mailed to him aside from these two documents? 2) At what point do I physically file the Complaint for Absolute Divorce, Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet, and Verification - after I receive the green Certified Mail postcard by return mail or before I mail it? I understand the signed green postcard is to be attached to the Affidavit of Service by Mail, but I am confused as to when this particular form is submitted. Do I not file at all until this certified mail postcard is returned to me? Pitt County District Court offers no direction at all, and I appreciate your advice.

The Complaint must be filed, and the Summons issued by the clerk to initiation the action, mail the summons and complaint to your ex after the documents have been filed. The Coversheet remains in the court file. The green card will be attached to the affidavit and filed to show that your ex did in fact receive the summons and complaint.