Financial Support Cut for Dependent Spouse


Husband informed me he wanted a separation early November 2014, after 7.5 years of marriage. For 4 years, I have been a stay at home mother of two teenage girls (from previous marriage) and full time student. I have no income other than child support received for 2 teens. He suspects I have been unfaithful; however, I have not.

Since November, spouse:

  1. diverted his income to a separate individual account. I do not have access to this account. He stated he only had to pay for mortgage, utilities and food. Expenses such as gas, health insurance premium, life insurance premium, cell phone bill, medical copays, etc., were for me to “figure out”.

  2. denies my access to our SUV. The SUV has been my sole form of transportation for 2.5 years. Spouse drives a work vehicle, approved for personal use. SUV is titled to him; however, I assisted with payments. I am currently driving a rental car.

  3. is verbally abusive to me and the girls, removes my personal property from home and threatens to sell it, relocates my personal property to the garage without my permission.

  4. removes locks from bedroom doors belonging to me and two teens; however, leaves lock on his bedroom door.

  5. threatens to contact DSS to report teens are living in a chaotic environment.

Spouse, two teens and I are still living in marital home. I am confident I can find gainful employment in the near future; however, I’m in desperate need RIGHT NOW for financial support. I also need access to the SUV I helped pay for, which he is currently hiding from me. I am currently selling my personal possessions on Ebay/Amazon to generate funds to pay for above mentioned expenses.

What actions can I immediately take to receive financial support to fund expenses he has previously funded? Your guidance is most appreciated.


Based on what you have shared, it sounds like you need to obtain legal representation. In order to get financial support you will need to file a complaint for post-separation support and alimony.


Thank you for your response. I want to pursue Divorce from Bed/Board and post separation support/alimony. Regarding your $199 online services, can Rosen Firm walk me through process of petitioning the court for Divorce from Bed/Board and post separation support, to include attorney’s fees? Afterwards, I can acquire appropriate legal representation to pursue alimony and finalize a separation agreement.

  1. How long will it take to receive guidance from Rosen Firm online services for Divorce from Bed/Board and post separation support?

  2. How long will it take court to hear/review/approve Divorce from Bed/Board and post separation support request? (I’ve read in the forum the process for others has included a 30 day spouse response time and a potential 30 day extension filed by spouse.) My circumstances will impact by ability to provide for basic needs for two minors.

(I’m embarrassed to be in this pathetic situation. I normally save for unforeseen circumstances; however, husband and I filed joint Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, recently discharged. He then flew to Europe for a 1.5 week vacation and upon his return, informed me he wanted a separation, cut off support and took away my transportation. I’m sharing this because I unfortunately believe ANYONE could find themselves in this situation, due to simply trusting a spouse.)

Thank you for your help!


Yes, our online service can help you with the issues you have mentioned. You can expect a response from our online attorney within 24 business hours. The service is $199/month and you can stop and start as you please. As far as your second question goes, I’m not sure what exactly you are asking. It can take several months before you case is reached on the trial calendar. The 30 day response time you are referring to is most likely the time which you spouse is given to file an answer in response to your complaint.