Fool or fiction


My husband moved out last week. I don’t want this. I have fought tooth and nail to keep things together. I hate broken families!!! Can’t imagine our family not being together. Background: Husband has always handled finances. Very financially savvy and frugal. Makes more than three times my salary. Kids grown. One still college age. He travels, alot. Average 2 - 3 weeks a month. Don’t know what to expect. I worry he has been planning this for a very long time and has moved assets where they will not be found. I hate thinking this way, but he travels abroad next month. I have been told that if he has accounts overseas they are untouchable. I do not want to assume the worst, but people are warning me to protect myself. I don’t know how to do that especially without ruining any chance at reconciliation. I can’t believe he would do this, but…I don’t want to be the fool either.