Foreign fiance

I met a wonderful woman on a mission trip to the Phillipines last year and we have been talking online for the last year. We want to be together but the problem is that she is married in the Phillipines. She has been seperated for 5 years and her husband is living with another woman. Since there is no divorce in the Phillipines and you need to get married to receive resident alien card, how can we make this possible? She could come here with a 1 year tourist visa but it would be heartwrenching if she ever had to leave. Any ideas would be appreciated…

I am not familiar with the law in the Philippines and thus can’t advise you on what her options are with regard to ending her marriage.

Would it be possible to get a divorce in NC if she was here on a tourist visa?

It is doubtful that a North Carolina court would find that it has personal jurisdiction over her husband to grant the divorce.