Fussing over Clothes

I have had temporary primary joint custody of my 2 children since June 2009. They are 12 & 8. We have been working with an attorney for a year now. My ex for the last year will not assist in taking the children to any extra curricular activities. We have to reschedule the weekly visits around when the children do not have practice or she will not take them. She constantly harasses me and the children about clothes and making sure what she thinks that belongs at her house goes back to her house regardless if she bought it or not. She caused the kids to miss the school bus and had my daughter crying over not being able to find a piece of clothing to take back to her house. She texts me every week with a list of clothes that the kids wore to our house that I have to gather up. I contacted her and told her she needed to stop harassing the kids and me about these clothes and she got mad. If I don’t get these clothes together she will fuss the children out for not getting these clothes together. She has paid NO child support since we have had the children. She got a job 4 months ago and still refuses to pay CS, claiming she has no money. She will not help out with any extra curricular activity expenses, etc. If I don’t get the clothes together, she will harass the kids by text messaging and then verbal when she sees them. We are going back to court but until then, What is the right thing to do now? Will it look bad on me if I refuse to get these clothes together.

I suggest you send the children with an appropriate amount of clothes when they visit with her for the sake of the children and avoiding harassment.