Kids clothes - Primary Custody

Hello. I currently have primary custody of my children and my ex gets them every other weekend. I have been packing them a bag of clothes each time they go, but am wondering if I am really required to do that. Both of our incomes and time with the kids are all part of the child support calculation, so I am finding it hard to believe that I am responsible to clothe the children when they are in his care. He is forever complaining that the packing/clothes/games I send with them are never right or enough and I honestly would like to stop having to deal with it. Can you tell me if it is acceptable to stop packing for their weekends with him?

Thank you.

You could ask him to buy the kids clothing to keep at his house, that way neither of you will have to pack any clothes. You also could suggest he buy the games and toys he wants at his house since your selections do not seem acceptable to him. In the meantime however, I suggest you send the children with an appropriate amount of clothes when they visit with him for the sake of the children. You don’t want them to be stuck in the same clothes all weekend if he has no other clothes for them.