Getting guardianship back from my father


I am about to get married to my fiancé this month and we live in 2 separate towns and we when get married, I will be moving to his town which is Charlotte. The issue is that when I was having trouble in my life after having my 2nd child, my parents talked me into signing over guardianship of my 2 children to them. Since then, my mother has passed and my father has indicated in not so many words that he does not want to easily return the guardianship back to me. I have had a steady job for several years after signing over the guardianship. I am still employed now, I take care of all of their needs in regards to clothing, medical care, food, entertainment, parenting, and my children and I are living in my parents’ house now. My children and I have a very close bond, and when my fiancé and I get married this month, I want my children to come with us (naturally) without any issues from my father. I would like to know what steps do I need to take if any to make sure I can take them with me without any legal recourse from him. My concern is that he will deny me from taking them with me somehow. I do not know if there is a form that I need to file, a case worker I need to see, or if I need to contact the law office that this one done in.

Thank you

We do not handle guardianship issues here at Rosen, but would be happy to refer you to an attorney in your area who does. Please contact our client liaison by dialling the main number and selecting extension 100 for a referral.