Getting him to leave

Does anyone have any idea how to get the husband to be the one to leave the family home. we both know that this relationship is way OVER! I am so stressed out when he’s here. I just think that I should stay at the house with my young daughter. I have told him this, over a year ago. I quit cooking for him, stopped doing his laundry, moved out of the bedroom and bathroom and don’t clean it anymore. Staying here is the most stable thing for our daughter, but she and I leaving is the second choice. Staying here with him is not an option! Any ideas anyone?

Has he given you a reason as to why he won’t leave? If so, what is it if you dont mind me asking.

Have you tried talking to him as to why you feel that you and your daughter should stay in the house? Is your daughter of school age? If so, would that be a reason you want to stay, so that she can stay at her current school.

Do you have a separation agreement or any document stating that you want or intend to get a divorce? this may be an option. Call an attorney in your area and see what he/she says can be done.