Getting visitation of a non biological child

I was with my ex for over 3 years. When we got together she had 2 children. A son whose Father is not very involved in his life and a daughter who my ex doesn’t even know who the Father is. We also have a 10 month old daughter together and our final mediation is next week. It’s looking like I have a very good chance of getting 50/50 custody which is what I want.
My ex’s other daughter just turned 5 and does not know that I am not her bio Dad. I am at my ex’s will on when she will allow me to see her and take her overnite. It’s heartbreaking when I pick up the baby and she wants to come with me. My ex did let me just have the 5 year old for 10 days and we had a fantastic time. My ex can be very petty though, for example when I picked my daughters up she sent them with no clothes. I have everything the baby needs but had to buy clothes and a toothbrush for my older daughter. She didn’t even have a change of underwear.
For the entire 3 years we were together I supported all of them. Put a roof over their head, made sure they had food, medical care. I love those children and consider them my own.
I know for her son since both parents are involved even if it’s minimal I won’t get any visitation. Is there anything through the courts as far as my older daughter since there is no other Father I can do. I know I won’t get custody but can I get any visitation through the courts? I love my daughter and just want to spend time with her.

You are not entitled to visitation with the 5 year-old child and the courts cannot award you visitation. However, you can get visitation with the 5 year-old if the mother agrees.

I’ve read about the Ellison vs Ramos case and wouldn’t I fall under the same guidelines?
North Carolina law recognizes 2 grounds for a non parents standing to seek custody…
One being if the non-parent has a parent like relationship with the child, which I have.
I cared for the other children for years and treated them as my own. I paid the bills, kept a roof over their head, nurtured them and gave them the best I could as a father figure. The kids call me Daddy. I’m not looking to get full custody but would like some visitation rights through the courts.

It’s possible you could receive visitation with the child with that argument and analysis, however, such decisions by the judge are very fact-specific and are taken on a case-by-case basis.