Going back into house

I left my house because of my job overseas and a few months later I told my husband I wanted a divorce. I am wondering if I can legally return to my house to get my things or do I need a court order? Can my STBX keep me from entering the house?

The answer to this depends upon your intent when you left the marital residence. If you left the marital home with the intent to begin living separate and apart from your ex, then he is free to change the locks and you would need his permission to return or to collect any personal property from the home. He could even go as far as to have you arrested for trespassing if you try to enter without his permission. To be safe, I would recommend trying to get his permission to enter the home first. I do advise that you work with him to set up a time for you to collect your belongings, make sure you have someone there with you in case there is a problem.