Got her pregnat

How very sad. I’m sorry for you, but what do you think you will get by suing a 17yr old for AOA?? I’d save my $$ on that one and go for the big divorce. I’m sure you will get alimony, but I wouldn’t even consider AOA or CC in this situation although I’m sure you are angry and hurt enough to want to do it. Those suits are so expensive and I’m sure you will get nothing from the teenager/child. Your husband is a dog…a real dog…

Is a 17-year old considered statutory rape? Just wondering…That would show him, huh?

Yes it is statutory rape have his ass locked up for that he is a piece of S!@# sorry for that but I would have him locked up take all you can from him. I hope you changed the locks on the home? Do not let him back in the house and think of this he left the house her parents are real losers aswell.
Get a sep agr made up and get over this POS he is not worth it
Bye for now

Anyone who cheats is scum, but I’m not sure that it is statutory rape. I think that age of consent is 16 in North Carolina.

age of consent in NC is 16 so its not SR (not saying he is not a slime ball cause he is) the way you get him is find out if he has given her beer (contributing to the delequency of a minor) But if you lock him up you wont get any money so IF he works take him to court and get alimony. If he is a bum lock him up.


16 it is my bust sorry he is still a POS and then more just like bewildered said they are all that and more just do not let him back in the house and take him for he has and then some.

the age of consent in NC is 16, but there is an age specific gap that must be in place, 21 I think. A 35 year old can’t have sex with a 16 year old nor a 17 year old. I would look into that.

Dear kintonsr:

Greetings. Yes, I would wait until she turns 18 if I were you, and I would also make sure she has some money before you sue her, since alienation of affection lawsuits are so expensive. No, I doubt that you can sue her parents, but you can try. Thank you.

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I need advice, my husband that moved me here to north carolina has nowm gotten a 17 year old girl pregnat and moved in with her. He left me with all the bils due and he is taking care of her and her mothers and stepfathers bills. I don’t have a lot of money to pay for a divorce but would really like to get him for alimony and her for alieantion of affection. Do I have to wait until she turns 18? He has alredy admitted to me he took her for a pregnacy test. It has been going on with her mothers permission for a couple of months now. Can I also sue the parents for the same, since the gave permission for him to see her and for him to move in with her in their house.