Grandparent visitation

My boyfriends ex’s parents won a week of vacation every year with his daughter. He has two weeks, his ex has two weeks and his ex’s parents have one week. The grandparents argued they wanted to keep their substantial relationship in tact. However, after the custody was set, the grandparents moved in with his ex, and have almost daily contact with her. They also go on vacations with their granddaughter during the two weeks that his ex has as her vacation weeks. The grandparents see her more than he does during the week since they are now living together and yet he still has to give up that week of not seeing her. They clearly deceived the court and he has no more money to be spent on lawyers. Is there anything that can be done?

Custody orders can only be modified by the Court when there is a substantial change in circumstances. Substantial change in circumstances occurs when the welfare of the child is affected. If the situation you describe has affected the welfare of the child, then the order may be able to be modified. If it hasn’t, then the order probably cannot be modified.