Grandparents rights


If neither of these children belong to him, he’s not the problem. Your daughter is the problem. You have a choice, it seems, and it’s not a nice one. First, who IS the father, and is he paying support? Secondly, make her apply to DSS for public housing if she can’t work, or maybe offer to help watch the baby if she can. Third, make her sign up for medicare and WIC so at least the baby is taken care of and not neglected. Fourth, kick your daughter in the ass and tell her to grow up.


Do grandparents have rights especially if they are the sole provider for the grand child and mother? My daughter has a 2 month old baby and now she is dragging him all over the place not coming home until 6am and taking this baby to sleep in her old boyfriends bed. He is 27 she is 19. He has 2 girlfriends my daughter and another one that are both around the same age with babies (not his) he uses them for free labor and their cars. He old girlfriend and baby just left 4 days ago and now he is going after my daughter and her baby.

What can I do?