Sounds like you should be bothered. You also have a way to make it stop. It’s called domestic criminal trespass and your husband can be charged with it if he comes on the property without your permission. I would suggest sending him a letter instructing him not to come back to the residence, and then you can have him charged.

You may also want to consider changing the locks.

You need to be aware that after the divorce judgment goes through that both of you lose the right to sue the other for property distribution (called equitable distribution; you can read more about it on our website), alimony, and post-separation support. If you aren’t interested in alimony or PSS, you may just want to let the divorce go through, though. After it’s final, he has no claim to the marital residence.

This assumes you haven’t signed a separation agreement, of course.

As far as the nasty emails, there’s not much more you can do, really. People who are determined to email nasty stuff can find a way to do it. If blocking addresses isn’t working, I would suggest deleting them. If you don’t respond, he’ll probably get bored. You may want to consider printing them and keeping them first, though. Emails can be pretty good evidence, should you ever need it.

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thank you, i will change the locks and write a letter.

my soon to be ex filed a self-help divorce with which i was served and the divorce will be final anytime after dec 11th. he moved out of my house where he lived for the two month duration of the marriage over a year ago. i have repeatedly told him to get his things from my house. he has said he doesnt want the and i should get rid of them. he comes to my house (which he gave up all legal claims to when i refinanced)when he thinks no one is here and goes through things. when he find certain items missing, he goes home and proceeds to email me a vulgar insulting note about how i got rid of his stuff. i never respond to these messages. then he would send a subsequent message telling me again to sell the stuff and he doesnt want any of it or the proceeds. then he repeats the coming agai. i was out of town on sat and he came on to the property again. my 14 year old daughter was home alone and scared stiff because this man is irrational and unbalanced. he went home and tried to email me, found i had blocked his address, and proceeded to make up a fake yahoo address with one of my friends name and send it. when i open it, i see the same abusive stuff.
what can i do to keep him away from us and off my property and stop his nasty messages. i am installing an alarm system tomorrow but that doesnt stop him for coming on the property going under the house. i called th epolice and they said we were still married legally so they cant do anything. can i go downtown and file a complaint or something?