He took of with me babies!


On thursday October 8th I was planning on driving home to Colorado for a 3 month visit to do my school. I didn’t tell me husband because I knew he would freak out. So on the 8th I wrote him a note packed up all my stuff and the kids stuff and was planning on leaving at around 3:00 pm. Well I took jordy lunch and was suppposed to pick up a check so I could put it into our bank account. When I got to his work he confronted me about it and said he was going home to get the kids. I had a friend watching them so I called her and told her to get the kids and leave. When I got home Jordy was there and he had called the cops so I stayed while my other friend went and found the kids and took them to her house. The cops told Jordy he couldn’t stop me from going so they left and he went back to work. Somehow the back windshield of my car got busted out so once I went and picked up the kids I ran to walmart to get plastic and tape to tape it up. I was going to leave from walmart but I realized I forgot my GPS so I ran home to get it. I was getting ready to get in the car when Jordy showed up and he asked if he could say goodbye I told him yes and then he jumped in the car and took off. I tried finding a lawyer to get an Ex Parte order but I couldnt find one. Jordy did find one unfortuantley and i was served ex parte papers on friday and am scheduled for a custody hearing on 10/16/09. Im still looking for a lawyer.
During this whole time i was talking to his commanders and first sgt’s ( he is in the airforce) to get my clothes and purse and other stuff of mine back and to see my babies. His first sgt told me he couldnt make jordan do anything. Finaly last night I was able to get my stuff back and see the kids but he only stayed for half an hour. He told me his supervisor and his first sgt ( they came with him to make sure I didn’t do anything) said he shouldn’t stay long and it wasn’t beneficial for the kids to be around me. My daughter is 17 months old and my sone is 4 months old. I was still breast feeding but now I don’t have any more milk. When i was going through my stuff while he was still here I found that my personal journal was missing. I mentioned it to his first sgt and he said
because it didn’t buy food or pay bills he didnt think it was a necessity so he couldn’t do anything about it. Jordy was supposed to get a car yesterday but when they came over they took ALL the vehicles and he said he was going to rent me a car. Then he told me last night I wouldn’t be able to get one til tuesday or wednesday. I have no money no transportation and he wont answer my calls or text messages about seeing the kids. And he won’t even tell me where he is staying with them. In the journal he took I had some documentation of how he would shove and hit my daughter. And when I would try and call the cops he would take my phone the keys and my purse and kids and say he was leaving so I never called and reported anything. I want to know if I can get full custody? and if I can sue the airforce or Jordan for all the pain and suffering they have caused me?


You first need to focus on the hearing this week. Your spouse has an order for emergency custody and you will have the opportunity to go before the judge and tell your side of the story so that the judge may issue a temporary order for custody moving forward.

You will then need to file an action for child custody. The court will award custody based on what it finds to be in the best interests of the children based on any and all evidence that is relevant.

I strongly suggest that you find a lawyer quickly in order to prepare for your hearing on Friday.

I don’t see that you have any cause of action against the military.


This is my daughter that I have been posting question on her behalf. Her attorney did not help her correctly at the exparte hearing. The attorney advised she agree to the temporary arrangement. Our daughter never got to say her side to anyone but to the attorney. Her husband, in the military, also has a large inheritance backing him. As I posted, she has no means nor close support! The money and odds are all stacked against her.

So what would be the course of action now?


This is the response she wrote for the exparte hearing that no-one saw:

Kayla Nichole Gillespie’s response to Jordan Alexander Gillespie’s complaint

To whom it may concern,
Alexandria Nichole Gillespie was born on April 28th 2008. At the time Jordan Alexander Gillespie (Plaintiff) and myself (Defendant), Kayla Nichole Gillespie were neither married nor dating. When I found out I was pregnant I told Jordan and he stated he wanted to start dating again. I didn’t feel like he wanted to get together with me because he loved me. I felt like he only wanted to get together because I was pregnant with his child. During this time he didn’t believe Alexandria was his. I started seeing someone else. In March 2008 he moved to Texas and began bootcamp. After I found out I was pregnant, his mother (Ginger Mardel Gillespie, now deceased) and grandmother (Lois Ann Kelton, also now deceased) told him I had been sleeping with another man and Alexandria was probably not Jordan’s. I kept telling him that I was positive Alexandria was Jordan’s but he had doubts. After she was born his mother asked me to get a DNA test. I told her if she paid for it because I was certain it was his. Other members of Jordan’s family even stated that Alexandria looked just like Jordan as a baby. Jordan’s mother paid for a DNA test to verify that Jordan was the father. The test concluded that Alexandria was Jordan’s. In the middle of May 2008, Jordan and I started dating again.
I, Kayla Nichole Gillespie, as of April 28th 2008, have been the primary care taker of Alexandria Nichole Gillespie. At that time Jordan Alexander Gillespie was in Tech school in Texas. I was working while my mother took care of Alexandria until she was 4 months old. I then quit my job to become a stay at home mom. I did go see Jordan while he was in Tech school every month at least once or twice. On July 7th 2008 we went to a courthouse in Texas and were married by Judge Michael Little. At the end of August I went to visit Jordan for the weekend and I became pregnant with our son, Mason Richard Wayne Gillespie.
In October 2008, I moved into an apartment with a cousin and her boyfriend to get out of my parents house and try making it on my own. One weekend my roommates had a party and I got drunk, and according to a friend I had sex with another man. I do not remember the incident. The next night I again got drunk and remember my roommate carrying me to his room. He took off my clothes and he started having sex with me and then I passed out. I woke up several times during sex but only remember telling him I couldn’t do this I was married. I then passed out the rest of the night and woke up the next morning in my own room. When Jordan heard of this, while still at tech school, he confronted me and I told him I was sorry. I had made a mistake and I would move back in with my parents. During this conversation he told me that before we got married he had slept with two other women. He told me he loved me and that we would stay together and get through this for our sake and the sake of our daughter.
While in tech school, Jordan did not take part in Alexandria’s life. This was from birth, April 28 2008, thru October 2008, a six-month span of time. I was the primary care giver for our daughter, breast-feeding her until she was nearly a year old, scheduling and taking to doctor’s appointments. Getting up with her nightly to feed her. Loving her during teething, changing and cleaning her whenever needed. Often we shared the same bed, as we would both fall asleep while she was breast-feeding. After he completed tech school he returned to Grand Junction and together we moved to North Carolina where Jordan has been stationed in the military.
From this time on he has always been unwilling to assist in Alexandria’s care often to busy playing computer game like “World of Warcraft” for several hours and unwilling to stop playing to assist with her care or care and upkeep of the home. He would only complain every time I asked him for help with her or to do any type of housework. I asked him one night to make her a bottle her as she had woke up. He got extremely angry and threw the bottle at me. Later apologized saying he was half a sleep and hardly remembers his actions.
Alexandria prefers to come to me. There have been occasions when Jordan and I would be arguing. If he was holding her and she always wanted me and would start crying when he wouldn’t give her to me.
Jordan gets very involved in his computer and computer games and does not want to care for our daughter or our son. His lack of been involved in their lives has me concerned. Whenever I leave them with him for even short amounts of time he calls me minutes after I have left saying, “the babies are crying and I don’t know what to do. You need to come back as soon as possible.”
As for doctors visits Jordan has only been to one or two of Alexandria’s doctor appointments and one or two of Mason’s. I am the one that schedules, takes and does all the follow up visits.
Jordan’s mother and grandmother were killed in a car crash the first week in April 2009, we both returned home for their funerals. Jordan took a large part of April to deal with his mother’s estate. While I know this was a difficult time, Jordan did not attend his own daughters’ first birthday party held by my family on April 26th, 2009. (This was also a party for my father, and me, as our birthdays are April 28th and April 26th.) I was hurt for Alexandria that he did not come.
While we were in Colorado I was several months pregnant with our son Mason and was advised by my midwife (in Colorado) that I was to far along in my pregnancy to make the return trip to North Carolina. I remained in Colorado to have our son. On May 30th 2009, Mason Richard Wayne Gillespie was born. Jordan returned to Colorado 4 days after he was born. Around the end of June Jordan flew home to Colorado to accompany the kids and me back to North Carolina.
In August my parents and sisters came down for a visit and during their stay we moved in with another military couple so we could help each other out financially.
My roommates will testify in my behalf of Jordan extreme anger issues. One afternoon we had scheduled a repair company to fix our septic tank. I had asked Jordan several times to please move his mothers car (inherited and was not working) Again he was preoccupied with a video game. When I said I was going to move it he became very angry and told me not to fucking touch his mothers car. Later when he asked for my help I would not.
In September my roommate Krystyne Wilson returned back to Chicago to find a job to try and help her and her husband get financially sound and visit with her family. After her leaving, I have been mentioning to Jordan I wanted to go home to visit and finish my high school and possibly get a job to help us out financially. Every time I mentioned going home Jordan would say he would press kidnapping charges, and claim I had stolen our car and have me arrested. Several times he stated that he was going to enjoy seeing me get arrested.
The post below is a question posted on Rosen.com (a North Carolina law firm) by my father in September.

On October 8th my grandfather and mother flew into Raleigh and I was planning on picking them up and go to Colorado for a visit. I left Jordan and note telling him I would be back! Joyell Lemay, a friend, can testify and be a witness to the writing of said note. On that day Jordan asked me to bring him lunch. I left the children with a friend I trusted, another friend took me to his work. When I arrived he confronted me about my mother and grandfather coming into town and asked me why I was doing this. I told him I needed to finish school and we needed a break because we were having some problems. Never did I mention divorce. When he told me he was going home to pick up the kids and I would never see him again I called my friend and told her to take my kids to a neighbors house or somewhere. I did leave my keys on the table at the house but I did not tell her to take my vehicle. She apparently found the keys, put the kids in the car and backed into a tree that is on the property of the house we are renting. Resulting in the back windshield being smashed out. When Jordan found out and asked me if I was leaving before I got that fixed I said I would try find a place in North Carolina to fix it but if I couldn’t I’d tape it up and get it fixed while in Colorado. Jordan is still driving the car around with the back windshield being broken out, with the kids in the car.
Jordan called the cops when the kids were gone and they told him if he wanted to do anything he needed to get a lawyer. He then went back to work and a friend picked me up and took me to pick up my children. I then went to Wal-Mart and bought plastic and tape and taped up the window. I realized I left my GPS at home so I was on my way back when Jordan called me. He asked if I was bringing the kids to his work so he could say goodbye. I said No I was going to be late picking up family at the airport as it was. He then asked where I was, I told him I was heading home to get the GPS. He asked his supervisors if he could meet me there and say goodbye. While I was standing outside my car trying to figure out the address for the airport Jordan jumped into the car and backed out of the driveway and as he was driving away said “ this is what it fucking feels like to have the kids taken away”.
Mason is still breastfeeding! Due to not being able to feed my son and I could not find a breast pump until 7:00pm the next day I got engorged. At this time I now pump as much as I can to try and maintain my milk supply. I fear it is diminishing because I do not have my son to feed.
He has had our join account frozen to keep me from getting funds.
On October 11th, Jordan with his First shirt SGT Mundt and supervisor Staff SGT Ellis came over to the house so I could get my belongings out of the car and see my children. After only half an hour Jordan told me his supervisors said it was time for him to leave and it was not beneficial for the children to be around me because I was getting irritated. I was not getting irritated; I was simply trying to figure out what I was going to do about transportation, and retrieving the rest of my belongings. Jordan had his superior officers assist him in taking all the keys and every running vehicle to the air force base so I would not be able to get around. I believe he feels if I have no fund or transportation I will have to return home and he will have sole custody of the children.
A friend allowed me to use a car for a short time. I had to use a cab to get to our counseling session then had to walk to base on the 13th to see if Jordan would give me a car to use. I have been told not to contact his superior officers or they will charge me with harassment. I would not do this if Jordan would return my calls in a reasonable amount of time.
Jordan did not bring back my personal journal, personal checkbook, or a bill to my credit card that is due on October 23rd.
I fear Jordan may get abusive to our children! He has shown that video games are more interesting and important to him. Jordan once picked up our crying son, Mason, and screamed loudly in his ear “if only he would shut up!” He has also called our daughter a fucking idiot for wanting to play with some of his deceased mothers belonging.
Jordan has on several occasion has encouraged me to allow him to have a second female join us in our relationship. Wanting me to have sex with him and another female. He has several myspace friends that post half naked photos on their sites.
For my children’s safety and wellbeing I wish for sole custody.


Kayla Nicole Gillespie


The temporary agreement will remain in place until there is a permanent hearing. If your daughter signed the agreement it is binding.