Heading for divorce


I don’t know about all the other stuff, but I was married in Germany, and all NC marriage and divorce laws applied.


That’s a great question. I wonder if mathkittycat was a US citizen when she filed for her divorce? If not it’s possible that other rules apply, but as far as #1 is concerned, of course she can. As far as taking them away from you, no, that’s akin to kidnapping. I’m pretty sure you can file for divorce anywhere in the world, but are bound to their terms for how the divorce will be handled.


Hello all…

I ned help here…Me and my wife are in mid-30’ s and married for 5 yrs with 2 kids under age 3.

Everytime we have an argument , she picks both the kids ( if i try to pull 1 kid from her , she says she will call police for pushing her) and goes to niebour’s house for the whole night. My neibhour’s are nice people to open the door for her…and this is going on for past 6 months and i am sick and tired of this whole thing.

1.Can she legally sleep in friends house with our kids without my consent ?.
2. can she take the kids where ever she wants without my consent ?..
3. we are not married here in USA ( married in France but living here past 3 yrs in NC), so does NC marriage/Divorce laws still apply to us ?