Health Care Premiums and Dues Reduction

I cover my children on my health insurance, but my ex and I split the health premiums 50/50. He feels I am receiving an unfair tax advantage because the premiums come out pre-tax and wants me to pay more than 50%. Is this a common practice?

Also, my children do a year round sport and we have the ability to work at events to help offset the cost of the monthly dues. I take advantage of this benefit. I do not receive any actual money, but the amount I work is directly deducted from the monthly invoice. My ex chooses not to work to pay his portion, but wants the money reduction in dues to be counted as income and added to the calculator when we calculate child support. Would this be considered a job, if I actually don’t receive any payment, it just offsets my portion of the sport expense?

Rather than splitting the health care premium, you could pay the full premium and input that figure in your child support calculation. Otherwise, I would just not agree to increase the percentage based on your portion being pre-tax.

The way you have described your compensation for working at the extracurricular activities, this would not be considered income for purposes of child support. This is simply reducing the amount you pay for extracurricular activities; it is not earned income.