Calculating Child Support

I trying to use the Child Support Calculator. I pay for the health insurance for the entire family through my job with a city. The city offers an individual plan, employee +1, employee + children, and a family plan. I am on the family plan which includes myself, my estranged wife, our college age son, and our 16 year old daughter. First for the place it asks to put in health insurance premium, do I use the full premium, meaning the portion out of my check and the portion the city pays or just what comes out of my check. In addition how do I seperate out the portion that is for my daughter. In using the calcultator it makes a pretty big differance. Thank-you.

The typical approach is to take the total cost and divide it by the number of insureds. In your case take the total cost and divide by 4. Your daughter’s share will be counted as ¼ of the total cost.