Health Insurance Payment in Child Support Calculator

When using the child support calculator, if, as the non-custodial parent am paying 100% of the child’s health coverage as a separate payment from child support payment, should this figure NOT be used in the child support calcualation

The amount you are paying for the insurance should be factored in to the support calculator.

I may have not worded my situation clearly. I currently pay my ex-wife 100% of the addtional health coverage amount to cover my sons. This is above and beyond what was calculated for child support. I believe that this health coverage amount was also factored into the child support calculation and therfore my question really should be…am I not paying twice for this insurance? As part of the calculated child support amount and then again as a separate payment?

It the amount is calculated into your column on the support calculator that should reduce the child support obligation.

It’s entered into her column though, not mine.

Ah, ok, you need to re work child support accordingly.