Child Support Calculation

My wife’s attorney in calculating child support is only using the portion of the premium that comes out of my paycheck (my out of pocket). However I was under the understanding that the full premium should be used, my out of pocket plus the larger portion my employer pays, which is the total premium my job provides for health insureance for the child . Who is correct?

Thank-you for your response. I understand that it is prorated. However I pay out of my pay check $164 per pay check. The city I work for pays another $300.00 per pay check. Which is prorated the $164, as her lawyer says, or $464, the total premium paid?

The insurance cost is prorated for the number of family members covered. If you pay $100 per month for yourself, your wife, and two children, the children’s share of the cost to be included in the calculator is $50.00.