Child Support Calculator Issue

Using the child support calculator step 4 > (Health Insurance Premiums (children)) How I know how much the children part out of the premium. I pay a premium through my employer - My employer HR can’t figure it, neither the insurance rep, because the premium apply to the employee no matter how many child he have. -? Any help on this greatly appreciated.

What I did was this… My company has single and family coverage… . I simply subtracted the single coverage premium (what I would pay if i were just covering myself) from the family coverage premium (what I now pay to cover myself and my girls). That leaves me with the difference, which is what I pay in order to cover my girls, and that’s what I used on the calculator.

That’s a clever idea. Thanks. Ohhh… one more question. You do enter the amount per a month not annually, Correct?

The court will normally take the total monthly cost of coverage and then divide it by the number of family members covered. That amount is then multiplied by the number of children covered and entered as a monthly amount.