Child Support Calculation

I have asked this same quesion twice and have been unable to get the precise information I need. I appreciate the previous responses, but I may have been to vague in my questions to get the information I’m after.

In trying to calculate child support. I need to know how to determine how to get the number to put in the healh insurence page. The sheet says the premium paid. I understand that it is prorated for the child or children. However, what is the premium. I pay out of pocket from each check $164.48, or about $328.96 per month. However the City I work for pays an additional $474.10 per check. The total premium paid for the health insurence is $638.58 per paycheck or about $1273.16 per month. Which number is supposed to be prorated the $328.48 (my out of pocket) or the $1273.16 which is the full premium paid for health insurance each month. I need to know what number to plug into the fourth page of the Child Support calculator and it makes a huge difference. Thank-you.

What the city pays is not included, your out of pocket is what is pro-rated and included in the calculation.