move out, seek an attorney, try to be cool calm and collect work out the issues of child support, ed and alimony if applical, if you have property then deciede what you want and what he wants. be resonable and he has to be resonable. If the marriage dosent work then move on and dream of the future and not dwell on the past…

Disbelief in the system


Sit down with him and objectively discuss what is best for all of you. If both of you agreed to make a list of what your financial and emotional needs are. You might find it easier to figure it out. It sounds like you guys still have a certain amount of respect for one another. I think as long as you can go into it not expecting but explaining needs, it might be more amicable.

Using a “team work approach” even in divorce, as impossible as it sounds, makes life so much easier. Ofcourse, mine didn’t go that way but I was married to an unreasonable and irrational person, maybe we all are!

I would however contact an attorny. There is always the “fight you till death approach” but believe me, its sometimes not worth the fight, especially when children are involved. It’s so emotionally taxing.


ok so… i dont know what to do, i NEED all the advise i can get from anyone of you, even the smallest advise…

i have been a stay at home wife for 4 yrs and a stay at home mother for 3 yrs. I dont have credit, i am 23. I am needing to seperate, and the deatils are crazy right now, but i need to know whati can do… what i am suposed to do, what assitance i cn do, where i need to go and the first steps i need to take.

my hubby and i love each other but we are no longer in love, there is yrs of issues with us, and its just done and dead. I will never ever keep him froms eeing the girls, they are 3 and almost 2!
I need advise on what im suposed to do… i live in NC!

~Melissa Angell~