Please help me


ok so… i dont know what to do, i NEED all the advise i can get from anyone of you, even the smallest advise…

i have been a stay at home wife for 4 yrs and a stay at home mother for 3 yrs. I dont have credit, i am 23. I am needing to seperate, and the deatils are crazy right now, but i need to know whati can do… what i am suposed to do, what assitance i cn do, where i need to go and the first steps i need to take.

my hubby and i love each other but we are no longer in love, there is yrs of issues with us, and its just done and dead. I will never ever keep him froms eeing the girls, they are 3 and almost 2!
I need advise on what im suposed to do… i live in NC!

~Melissa Angell~