High Cost of Criminal Conversation Suit

I often read that AOA and CC suits are prohibitively expensive. I could see where an AOA suit could be due to having to prove that a sound marriage existed prior to alienation, but why isn’t a CC suit more cut and dry? CC is proven if sexual intercourse occurred prior to divorce. I have pictures and e-mails that prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, plus the ex’s own admission and willing testimony that it occurred. So, why would a CC suit in this case be so expensive? I’ve heard quotes of $50K.

As an alternative, do letters of intent to sue and settlements outside of court occur often in these cases? I’m not looking to strike gold, just recoup some of the costs the paramour’s interference has cost me in lost income, therapy and property division.

The cost of the suit isn’t simply going to trial. It includes the filing, motions, discovery, depositions, settlement negotiations, and eventually attending the trial. Going through all of these stages is costly, regardless of the complexity of your case.