How can I ammend a consent order?

We filed a consent order for child custody, support in September of 2011. At the time, we were fairly amicable and it was written with some “grey” areas. Example: It states that my ex is to have the children every other weekend and one overnight per week. However, he has not been seeing them as he should and I need to ammend the order so that it states specifically what days he is to take them. He has switched weekends on me and continues to play games and just decide not to get them when it suits him. This was to be his weekend and I was just informed that he is out of town and won’t be getting the children. It also states that he is to reimburse me for 50% of the medical expenses, to which he has paid nothing. He is behind on support and I would like it to be drafted from his pay. Currently, he is just to pay through the state but there seems to be no way to enforce anything. I agreed to reduce the support of $1350 to $1000 with the agreement that if he is to have the children less than 123 overnights a year, I may request a modification that support be calculated per Worksheet A. Do I need to wait an entire year to modify? Is this type of modification something I can do by myself?

You can go see child support enforcement about the arrears.

You may file a motion to modify on the child custody and support based on change in circumstance.