How do I keep alimony down. Any formula to figure?

I grossed less than 50K last year, but because of business, actual amount tax was paid on was less that 10K. How do I figure Alimony. No children, 60 plus. Wife does not work. How much does initial consult cost?

Tax is counted into alimony calculations. Alimony doesn’t have a state-authorized calculation in the way that child support does. Essentially how you can figure out a reasonable sum would be to add up your assets and liabilities for each month and do the same for her. Then you would split the difference. This is a good way to get a quick estimate. If your wife doesn’t work and was supported by you during the marriage, it is likely she would be considered eligible for alimony even though the amount you may be able to pay her could be very low. In other words, she would likely need to get a job based off of the facts you presented. If you would like a consultation with Rosen, you may dial our main number and call extension 100 to speak with our client liaison.