How long is too long

I have been separated from my husband since Jan. 2011 , went to attorney in Feb 2011, 15 months later I am still in the same position I was in at the beginning, except now in debt with my attorney. No serious discussions between the attorneys to resolve this case out of court. Have proceeded with discovery & interrogratories and have been on the court docket 3 times and continued 3 times. My attorney says it is because he was unemployed in Dec.2012 and we cant go to court for ED , alimony due to this, so does this mean he can just sit back and not help pay his joint debt and mortgage until he is employed again. He still makes more than me on unemployment. How long is too long ? If the attorneys had proceeded in 2011 instead of just letting us sit , I would not be in this situation. At what point if he remains unemployed does this move forward? I was not the one committing martial misconduct but I am the one that is caring all the responsibility of our joint bills and mortgage.

Your attorney is in the best position to advise you on this, but it is generally best to wrap things up as quickly as possible. However, a little over a year isn’t uncommon if you are in court.