How much should one endure

Ok I would like to present the situation,

  1. DSS involment
  2. Minor Children 3 total
  3. An abusive spouse to the children and me
  4. Request for child support, one dismissed by myself - I was named unfit by my own attorny and they filed it for the defendant named plaintif for a child living in another juridiction Then CSE and settle for litlle next to nothing (really nothing even was overpaid with arrears at $ 1800.00)
  5. 2 Orders of Consent signed by me both same thing but differnet figures , both from her side one signed by court.
  6. 3 1/2 years later pension rejected by provider due to incomplete application of former spouse.[?]
  7. motion for court to divide pension due to rejection of the order by pension provider.[?][?][?]

and now I recieve a complaint form that has the wrong ID number on it for me to explain my situation to someone outside of the wonderful place I live in from the outside. been told I was paranoid yea maybe a little what should I, or can do any comments would be appriciated [?]

Disbelief in the system