How to prove unfit mother?do i have enough?

my wife left the house after 18years ,left our 3 kids.for a 20yr old convicted felony no house no job with a 7th grade education.he has charges sealed for child molestation for him being a minor ,the parentsof the victim actually voluntered the info to kids are 14,12,5 and they agreeded that she needs help for drug and mental help,also not forme to give her money or let her back in to let her be homeless.her family and mine know she bipolar and with a split personality disorder,she was homeless so i let her stay a week while she could change she said only to have to throw him out twice of my house while i working night shift when i got home.she then gave him my other truck to drive with no licenss and he got stopped with a dwi got locked up,she moped around the house till he got bailed out,she left the 12year old and 5year old alone and disapeard,and the children have seen the drugs she was carrying.also she make remarkes that he wouldnot bother him to kill me and do his 4 years and get out ,what chance do i have or what is my best option?

First, change the locks on the residence. She has moved out, and needs to stay out. I suggest you file an action for an emergency order that awards you custody of the children based on her actions and the company she is keeping.