Pleasse help. i am new to this


If you truly feel that he is a threat to you and your children, you can always take them to a crisis center who will help you find a halfway house. They will take it from there.


Through ten long years of fighting substance abuse (his), and having my children taken by dss, I have fooled myself into thinking he really has gotten betterr. NO WAY. I have found that he still does drugs and though he was prescribed meds, he quit them. He has serious mantal issues and I want to spare my 4 children another day of his mental abuse. but he WON’T LEAVE. He threatens to take my two youngest away to his mothers constantly (she knows his problems but won’t take a stand). I would have no problem divorcing him, but he has no friends, barely a job and nowhere to go so he will not leave. I am getting desperate. Even my older kids (12 and 15) want to know why I won’t get rid of him. I am trying to research waays to get custody and then divorce him. Please help!!!