How to release an attorney


My x and I have signed a concent order for temorary custody (me having my children)prior to going to court. I still owe my attorney a little $ (which I am talking to them about b/c I feel that they made careless mistakes which caused this situation to drag out) does this mean I still retain them b/c I still owe them? Can I talk to a new attorney? I had a lot of problems with my former attorney and really wanted to settle things so I would not have to go to court with them. I would like to get a new attorney but I just want to make sure that my ties with her are no longer. I guess my question is…since the consent order has been signed does this mean I no longer retain that particular attorney? Can I go ahead and get a new one to look over what this previous attorney did? Do I need to formally send them an email or send them something in writing to release them?


You may talk to a new attorney at anytime, your previous attorney may withdraw from the case, or your new attorney may file a notice of appearance to become your official attorney of record.