How to turn agreement into consent order?

My separated spouse and I agree to all terms but want to make our agreement a court order instead of just a contract. How would we go about entering it to be signed off on by a judge? Part of the agreement includes custody and child support.

You can either put the agreement between the parties into a consent order or you can ask the court to incorporate the separation agreement into the divorce decree.

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Thank you for the reply. We have the agreement drafted but are not sure how to turn it into a consent order. How do you turn an agreement into a consent order and submit it to the court?

Giving you instructions on how to turn the agreement into a consent order is outside of the scope of this forum. If you want assistance with creating this form and answering to your specific questions, you should consider using Rosen Online.

Like I said, we have the form drafted but need to know the process of turning it from a contract to a court order. It seems like there should be clear steps to the process in the same way there are clear steps to initiating a custody case, a divorce case, etc. I can find no such steps or guidelines. Courtwatchnc and similar sites lay out the steps to those processes very clearly, I can’t understand why it’s not a similar process for turning a separation agreement contract to a consent order. Thanks.

If you are not already divorced and the agreement itself does not specifically prohibit it, you may ask for the agreement to be incorporated into your divorce judgment, which turns it into a court order.