Husband brings girlfriend to my house

My husband and I have been separated for 7 months. He was involved with this woman before he left. He has now started bringing her with him to my property (which I am sole owner of; not martial property) This is a total disregard and disrespect for me and our 3 children. I sent him a text message stating " that under NO circumstances was she to brought on the property" He has totally ignored it. He thinks he is about any law or rule. 16 years of marriage. What recourse do I have to keep her off the property? I realize there are times he needs to come to transport the kids for visitation. I went to the local county magistrate and they said to send her a certified letter first making the request. If that does not stop her, come back. But then what? Am I just to allow them to flaunt this affair in my face? Can my own home not be safe from this ? What is next? Is he going to try to bring her inside my house? Please advise what steps I can take to ban her from my property. It is very upsetting to the kids.

Assuming your husband’s girlfriend is on your property because she is accompanying your husband at the exchanges of the children, your best option to address this issue may be to switch the exchange location for the children to a neutral location (for example, a store parking lot) instead of your house. Then there should be no reason for your husband’s girlfriend to be at your residence.

You can include in your separation agreement or ask to have included in your court order that neither party bring significant others or romantic interests with them to the exchanges of the children.

Since you are the rightful owner of your home, if the girlfriend shows up on your property and you clearly tell her to leave and she refuses, then you could charge her or have her charged with second degree trespass.

If it’s your property then you have every right to say that she can’t come on it and if she refuses to leave then call the police.

If she is outside the boundaries then there’s not much you can do unless she’s doing something illegal.

Our local magistrate suggested that I send her a certified letter stating that she is not to come to my property. If she then comes, take out a trespass warrant. Any advise on this?

Yes, you can do that. That would give her actual notice that you told her to stay off your property.