Husband cheating

My husband of 12 years has told me we wants out. His reasons are $$ and not keeping the house clean. I decided to check cell phone records and found out he has been texting someone for over 2 months. He is now disappearing on weekends and coming home on Monday. I found out who this woman is and they were friends on Facebook. He has now taken her off there. He knows I suspect he has a girlfriend even though he still denies it. He now is hiding his cell phone. I found a new cell phone on Friday from a different cell company which is under her name because he went into collections with this same company several years ago. His attorney has drawn up an separation agreement which has him as primary custody of our 11 year old daughter. He also has put in it no child support or alimony. Whomever has custody of her supplies for her needs. He said his attorney put that in there. I meet with my attorney this week. He has told me that I can take our daughter back to Tennessee after the divorce. That she needs to be around family which both sides of our family will be there. His girlfriend has no kids and has a very good job. Any suggestions what to do. I am also meeting w a detective this week since I know where he goes all weekend. Thanks!!

That definitely sounds like an agreement you’ll want to review with an attorney, but I’ll give you a few things to look at:

To determine the amount of child support due under NC guidelines you may use the calculator found on our website here:

I can’t speak to alimony because I don’t know your financial situation, but you can find an alimony calculator on our website here:

Good luck.