Husband is interfering with my rights


My husband oved out in april. He abandonded me. He emptied the accounts. Be has threatened me to the point that he forced me to put my disability check into the joint account and put money back into the joint savings.
Someone has een breaking in. the police tell me that my husband is the only suspect, but themn when I asked for a report to file with insurance they put me off over and over and finaly wrote a report saying that I told them that he broke in. Main problem other than their lie was that the officer had stod in the living room laughing at me telling me that my husband had come in and that since he was paying for the mortgage he had every right to come in any way he wanted to and to take anything he wanted to and there was nothing i could do to stop him. The officer refused to include the fact that there was forced entry. (I had to replace 5 broken window locls and 2 broken door locks. Neighbors who helped me change the locks saw they were broken, but the police wouldn’t look at them or report them.) I was threatened with charges if I called to report anything else.
Please tell me that my ex does not have the right to come back, much less break into the home without my permission and without me being here.
He also used his POA for my mother to give himself right of survivorship on her account even though all of the paperwork ,(will, estate trust… show that everything was to go to me.) when she died shortly after he left he went to the bank and withdrew all of her money even though his POA ended with her death and he knew he did not qualify as her executor. He held on to her papers until a few weeks ago and had several of her sites block me from findining out about money coming to me. He had everything that came in deposited into his new private accounta nd is saying nothing came in.
My lawyer doesn’t seem to be working for me. She will not help me with any matter and took from the end of April until 3 weeks ago to write up a partial seperation agreement and has not followed up on it.
I did contact the lawyer your co suggested but he has refused to respond. I have called back a couple of times. My husband is interfering with my ability to retain a lawyer. Some of his family have told me thathe is trying to block my every move. All I want to do is get this over with. I need finacial support!!
this is several issues, but it is all part of the whole issue with my husband.


You can and should remove any funds that you have access too from the joint accounts. If your husband is threatening you and breaking into the home, you need to go to the court house and file for a domestic violence restraining order. The civil clerk will be able to give you the necessary forms and instructions to help you with this.
If your ex has moved out, he does not have the right to come back to the house; however there are some police officers that are not familiar with the domestic criminal trespass law,if however you get a domestic violence restraining order the police will most certainly haul your husband off to jail if he were to violate and DV order.
As for your mother’s estate, I cannot advise you on the law concerning those issues, and recommend you see a lawyer who specializes in that area.
I recommend you tell your lawyer you wish to file a lawsuit and do not want to pursue a separation agreement as you need support now.


I am confused. don’t go for a Seperation agreement but go for support. The lawyer I have made no move to get any type of support for me even after sitting down with her and going over what I need…even the basics for my medications and groceries since I am on disability. She doesn’t respond to my calls even when I told her the police insisted that without a signed agreement they will not stop him from coming into the home since he is paying the mortgage and should have the right to get in for any reason.
I have tried to find another lawyer and he has blocked every move. His cousin told me he is enjoying blocking me even though his lawyer told him to stop. Your office gave me a name, but that lawyer didn’t even bother to respond. (He was local)
I tried to get a restrainng order or 50 B, but since the local police will not investigate the break ins and ignored the broken door and window locks I am being told I can not get the order. he knows all of the local lawyers and judges and is drinking buddies with a couple of the magistrates and holds a position of power.
A couple of the officers have appologised for not being able to help me.
I need to feel safe and I need my insurance to continue and need support. A new lawyer would be great.


Please contact our office for another referral in your area.