What are MY rights


My lawyer will not tell me what my rights are and I am sick of her telling me HIS rights. Yes I am still trying to find a new lawyer, but having problems gettting one outside of my county who is as agressive and the one my husband has. Having trouble getting another lawyer period due to his interference. Your office did give me a referral inside the county but he wouldn’t take the case. My husband has power here. I have reason to be afraid of him, but didn’t know others did too.
Mine had me drop my 50b telling me she would file papers that would be just as good and had him sign an agreement that he and the police ignored. She never filed papers she had me sign. She told me to let him keep the money he took from my mother’s account. Let him keep his 401K. Let him keep the timeshare. I’m really wondering who she works for.
I have disability that isn’t even covering my expenses now and she isn’t fighting for me. I at least need someone to tell me my rights so I can take that to the lawyer I have, but I’d rather hire someone who is going to make sure I get what I’m supposed to and doesnt back down when his lawyer ‘barks’ at them.
I will have to go to the library to check email. Husband turned almost everything off at the house after I had a mild stroke in Jan.


You may want to contact the state bar for a different referral.