Husband trying to move back in after moving out


My husband willingly left our home on March 19th at 4am due to my catching him having an affair with a woman he acknowledges was providing him with illegal drugs. His phone dialed me during intercourse.
We had recently purchased a house with disability backpay from my minor child.
I am currently living in this house with our children 3 of whom are disabled. My husband came by to get some things and because I wouldn’t respond to him correctly tried to state he was resuming residence here. I called the police and they did convince him to leave finally but stated that if he continued to harrass me with nasty text messages I could ask for a restraining order. The officer took the time to call me back after he left to let me know that might be an avenue to pursue.
My soon to be ex has a long history of domestic violence against me, mental illness, and even has a record of child abuse. There has been no recent domestic violence just harrassment.
Is there anything I can do. He has been living in Brevard, NC since March 19th, 2011. I don’t want him to just come in on us because once he’s in there is no telling what might happen.


If your husband voluntarily moved out of the home you may change the locks. If you are in fear of imminent bodily harm you can and should seek a domestic violence restraining order against him.