I have a court order that me ex is ignoring

I need help, am ready to hire an attorney, would just like to know what my rights are. I have a court order against my ex that was put in place when we divorced in 2002. He was ordered to pay 1/2 of all medical copays for our daughter. Since that order, despite me trying, I have never gotten a modification hearing even though I have requested one every 3 years. At any rate, my daughter who is now 14 has since been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality. She has been in acute care, residential treatment and sees a therapist and a psychatrist weekly. My ex has decided he can’t afford to pay us 1/2 her copays anymore and has just stopped. We have not received ANYTHING from him since May, when he was only sending $20 every 2 weeks. As of today, he now owes me $1,590.00. This is 1/2 of what I have had to pay. I am being threatened with collections, and every week it adds up with my daughters medication and therapy needs.

I need to know if there is any way to get my order enforced without hiring an attorney and going to court. If that is the only option, I cannot afford the retainer etc to go. Is there any way to hold my ex liable for those since he is in violation and that’s why I had to hire an attorney anyway. Do attorney’s ever take payment plans until they get a judgement from the other party and then go after them?

Any help is appreciated.

You need to file a motion to have him held in contempt, you may do so on your own, but I advise you to retain counsel. You may also seek that he pay for the attorney’s fees you incur as a result of his violation of the order.