I need a lot of help getting out


You can file an action for a divorce from bed and board to get your husband out of the house based on his cruel treatment of you and the children. I addressed the answer to your question about the locks in an earlier post, but in short, no you cannot change the locks.
You will need to get your husband out of the house, or find alternative arrangements for yourself and the children before you file suit for property distribution.

There is no calculator for property distribution, however in North Carolina martial property is divided pursuant to Equitable distribution, which, in most cases, means each spouse gets 50% of all property 9 assets and debts)that was acquired during the marriage. There are may ways property can be balanced in order that you don


I have had enough. I have been married for 4 years. We have 2 children, a 4-yr. old, and a 2-yr. old. My husband does not physically abuse any of use, but he constantly yells and does things to hurt us emotionally. He is constantly putting us down. Both my children now whine all the time because it seems that is all they know how to do in response to him. For example he will tell the kids we are going to go somewhere, get them real excited about it, then out of no where tell them we are not going. When they start crying he starts yelling, and then tells them they can’t go because they are crying. My 4-yr. old daughter has just started having accidents a lot. I noticed the other day she used the bathroom and apparently used a lot of toilet paper. Instead of saying good job wiping yourself he yells at her for using so much and tells her she broke the toilet and has her in tears. I can understand why she is scared to go to the bathroom. I don’t know what to do. He says that if I want out I have to leave. I have nowhere to go, I have 2 kids to support, and I can’t go rent another place. He could easily go stay with his parents. He has the worst attitude and will just start yelling about anything. He does not do this stuff in front of people so he seems like a super dad, and the kids love him…in moderation. My daughter is always asking him when he is going to stop yelling so much. The only witness I have to his behavior is his mom, who would never testify for me, and I wouldn’t want to ask her to, but how could I go about getting Sep from bed and board? Would his emotional abuse even count? I was also wondering if he left in an argument and I changed the locks when he left would I have to allow him back in? Even if he tried to come back that night? How does that work when someone leaves the house? I was also wondering how to go about figuring up distribution of property? Is there any kind of calculator to use for that? I cannot afford a lawyer so I need as much advice as possible, to atleast keep cost down if I knew what I was talking about. Any advice is great!