I Need Your Feedback


As many of you know, we recently did a limited launch our Do It Yourself divorce system. I’d like to thank those of you who have visited and signed up and I’m eager to get some feedback from those of you who haven’t seen it yet. I’m really excited about this service and I want to make sure that we’re delivering exactly what you want when you’re going through the process.


I’d love to know what you think. Does what we’re offering make sense for you? Are there features missing that you would want if you decided to do it yourself? Feel free to leave a reply here, or contact me through the contact page on the DIY site and let me know what your first impression is.

I think this is a big step forward in giving you control over your divorce and access to an attorney without the financial burden of the traditional approach and I want to be sure that we’re offering not just what we think you want, but exactly what you’re looking for.




I am excited about it- I think it is excellent idea and I plan on using it ( not for divorce) but for the many times I need to go back to court with ex to represent myself- He always has a lawyer- I do not but I have always done extremely well.
We need to go to court again- so as soon as I get my court date I am goint to sign up for the previous month so you can help me prepare- I know it would cost so much more for legal advise.
I tried to open your web site you mention in this “I need your feedback post” http//diy.rosen.com but it would not open- so I can not give feedback on it yet- is there a link on the Rosen site I can press to see details of this new service?



Thanks for your feedback.

We moved the site a bit after I posted that message. It’s now at http://rosen.com/diy

I’ve fixed the link in the original post.

Thanks again.



I was now able to get on the site- it seems unbelieveably great! You do not know how thankful I am, I still can not understand why Rosen takes so much time and effort to give free information but I am glad you do and sure your life is enriched / blessed because of it.
I plan to sign up a month before my court date ( still waiting for calendar call) I see you offer a free week to try out service my question is- Am I allowed to use this free week now? and then break and not use the service until I get my Calendar call date? or is it once I use my free week, when that week is done, my month immediately starts?

I would like to use the free week now to see it is what I need ( I think it is) in case it is not I need time to build paln B also I would like to use it now to answer questions such as- How do I apply for discovery- What can I ( as a regualr person) say at Calendar call? Do I need to let my ex’s lawyer know in advice any topic I am bring up on the court date? Can I use my free week for that type of thing and then break and then sign up and use my month to work on details of the case?

Let me know what I can/can not do with my free trial week


I am going through the elearning series of emails and links at this time and as soon as I get all the crap stirring around in my head clear from the holidays, I will give a go at it! So far, I have found all the information and suggestions you have provided worth more than I could afford… I know enough now to be dangerous, and thanks to you, I am only worrying about the things that I should… all others, as you say are straight forward and no anxiety over them, ie child support.


Sorry, but this is the only way I could get an e-mail to come up on your website. I am a Family Court paralegal in the State of Florida, and have a daughter with a duly signed Separation Agreement in North Carolina. She has been served with a Summons and Complaint after having signed a Separation Agreement last year. She is due to receive her final Judgment of Divorce shortly. My question is she now wants to know if she can change the custody of 2 minor children to sole custody for her (Sep. Agmt. has joint custody). There was a violent confrontation by her husband recently at my daughter’s residence wherein the children were in full view. She does not want him to have any form of custody without her say on what is to transpire (possibly supervised or limited visitation). She also has an issue of money that is owed to her ($17,000) from the sale of the marital residence which he is supposed to have paid her on the signing of the Separation Agreement. No money has changed hands to date.

Is it possible for her to file a Petition for Custody and Support in the North Carolina Family Court without an attorney at this late stage? In New York and Florida, this is possible. She is extremely familiar with Family Court as I was paralegal in New York when she was in high school and is familiar with a lot of the procedures. I would sincerely appreciate your suggestions in this matter. She also would eventually like to move out of the State of North Carolina into Florida. I know this will be a messy one, but I told her to take one thing at a time. Thank you for your time. Gini (navettal@bellsouth.net)


This is a fabulous idea. I am in need right now of direction, as I am trying to resolve matters of a Separation Agreement signed last year, on my own. With 2 children, I have no more funds for attorneys. I am due to receive a final judgment of divorce shortly. However, the only statement regarding custody is my being granted sole custody in a Separation Agreement which is not filed with the court. I would like to know how I can get a signed order from the court, for my protection, that I do have sole custody of my children? In addition, I was granted funds from my “husbands” 401-K in the Separation Agreement, and to date have received none of that money. Can I file a Petition in Family Court to obtain this documentation and force him to pay the monies that are due me and his children? Many thanks…Gini


This is an awesome idea. Now I am able to post questions without the intimidation of being in an office setting with the pressure of time. In addition the ability to review other posts also helps in my understanding of the divorce process because there are so many different scenarios. Thank you for putting this forum together!